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Fire Extinguishers

We offer new and reconditioned fire extinguishers for commercial, industrial, and residential use.

NFPA Code Compliance:

We specialize in ensuring that your fire extinguishers meet NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Code requirements. Our expert technicians can bring your equipment up to code, providing peace of mind and compliance with industry standards.

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance is crucial to the effectiveness of your fire extinguishers. We offer standard yearly servicing, recharging, and hydro-testing to ensure your equipment is in optimal condition.


Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. Your safety is our top priority, and we’re here to assist you with all your fire safety needs.


Fire extinguishers should be serviced at least once a year as per NFPA guidelines. Our technicians can ensure your extinguisher is in optimal condition during these routine checks.

You can choose between new and reconditioned fire extinguishers. Reconditioned options offer a cost-effective choice without compromising safety, as they undergo rigorous testing and refurbishment.

Yes, we offer a range of fire safety solutions for homeowners, including residential fire extinguishers and maintenance services tailored to your needs.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Code sets industry standards for fire safety. Compliance ensures your fire extinguishers are effective and reliable during emergencies.

Fire extinguisher recharging should be done by trained technicians to ensure it’s done correctly. Our team is experienced in safely recharging extinguishers.

Look for visible signs, such as a damaged hose or gauge, or if the pressure gauge is not in the green zone. If you’re unsure, our experts can inspect and advise you.

Yes, we can accommodate bulk purchases for commercial clients. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive competitive pricing.

Absolutely, we offer on-site services for your convenience. Our technicians can visit your location to service, recharge, or test your fire extinguishers.

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